Do I need a referral to come to the Memory Diagnostic Center?

Yes, patients need a referral from their physician.

What do I need to know about my first visit to your Center?

For the first appointment, patients are asked to bring with them another person who can help answer questions, such as a spouse, friend, or caregiver. Every effort is made to provide a complete evaluation during one appointment. A comprehensive integrated evaluation is achieved by a full team consisting of physician, trained nurse practitioner, and psychometrist.

While there is no single test to diagnose dementia, a diagnosis is made by reviewing patient history, giving a complete physical an neurological exam, and assessing memory skills with paper-pencil tests. Previous medical test results including CT and MRI scans of the head along with blood tests are also reviewed. Additional testing may be needed and is discussed during your first visit.

At the conclusion of your first visit, the diagnostic summary containing the diagnosis, treatment plan, and follow-up care is sent to the referring and primary care physicians. The patient and family are given written feedback to take home with them.

Where can I learn more about types of dementia?

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is an excellent source of information on dementia; including symptoms, types and diagnosis. Use the button below to visit the NIA website. A new tab will appear.

How can I contact the Center for more information?

You can reach the Memory Diagnostic Center by calling (314) 286-1967.